ATAO Kennel is the distance and mid-distance racing sled dog kennel of Mari Troshynski in Fairbanks, Alaska. Our goal is to keep a small kennel of happy, heathy teammates who get to do what they love most of all: run. Along the way, we aim to compete in the premier Alaskan and Yukon sled dog races such as the Iditarod and Yukon Quest.

ATAO is also part of a bigger project to take an honest look at accomplishing your dreams while struggling with depression. ATAO Adventure is Mari’s blog about mushing, boxing, and running to cope with mental illness.


Goodbye Gerald
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Gerald is my tooth. Sadly, I had just recently named him, right before he was rudely broken up and removed from my jaw the other day. Gerald and I have had a long... Read More

Around the Kennel
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Here are some pictures from around the kennel! I know, I know, never enough actual mushing pictures. I don’t know how other mushers manage to take pictures on the run. My phone ALWAYS... Read More

Trail Work
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This week, “The Core Four” have been getting in some very interesting training– Namely, I’ve used the team to go out and do trail work! The Two Rivers 200 started today, and part... Read More

Copper Basin and Meds!
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This morning, the neighborhood erupted into a chorus of excited barking and howling as various mushers loaded up their teams and took off for the Copper Basin 300. The Copper Basin is one... Read More