I got into mushing because of a school project. My mom is also a teacher. I have seen the work and dedication teachers pour into their classrooms, and I want to give a little of that back.


Aside from the awesome school talk packages ATAO offers, for a limited time, your classroom can also become a Founding Classroom with ATAO.


I know most teachers spend a ton out of pocket for most of their school and classroom supplies, extras, materials, field trips, and more. So I’m offering the Founding Classroom deal for $25 / class. This is a lifetime Founding Membership to ATAO Kennel. It means that every year, your classroom will get:


  • The ATAO newsletter
  • Genuine booties from the trail at the end of each race season (enough for each student in the class)
  • Your class name on our founder’s wall
  • A unique founders gift from us to the class after each season
  • TWO in person or virtual school / classroom talks (must be able to host a virtual talk or help with travel expenses)


This is a very limited offer– unfortunately I can only do so many talks! This is available for the first 10 classrooms (not entire schools, classrooms only, 35 students or less)(although if you are, for instance, a high school teacher with more students than that, contact me and let’s talk). I will close the Founding Classrooms program down after I reach the maximum capacity. If you or a class you know want to take advantage of this, sign up here!


*You CAN purchase this to donate to a class! Please fill out the form that follows with the correct information for the classroom teacher so that I know who to contact!