ATAO is small but mighty. We became that way with your help. Here are the folks who have already contributed to help make ATAO possible.


Jeanne and Jerry Troshynski • Pam and Daryl Darnell • Tim and Julie Goggins • Molly Johnson • Lisa Erin • Jennifer Wright • Jennifer Christensen • Julie Myers • Barbe Marshall Hansen • Pat Quesnel • Betty Pierce • Michael Miller • The Kostimeyers • Mary Ellen Osland • Desi Olson • Dave Wurts • Larry Troshynski • Ginny Lawton • Jed Wade • Megan Moore • Kate Arnold • Gaylynn Fassler • Jordan Woodswahl • John and Anecia Breiby • Tina Nillissen • Anicka Shanilec • Laurel Alden • Leah Adcock-Starr • The K9 Fairies • Mrs. Heinzman’s Classroom • Ms. Wright’s Classroom • Mrs. Darnell’s Classroom




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Founding Membership


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