R2-D2 is the unexpected puppy! When we got the three Star Wars girls, we noticed the runt and decided he should be welcome into the fold. So he came home with us and is Mr. R2!

R2 is working hard on growing some more, but he’ll probably always be a little guy. I have a soft spot for runts (my first dog, Coby, was the runt), and so we’re spending extra time with R2 to make sure he gets all he needs to succeed in life. Even for a little guy, he runs fast and full-out. Some people like their sled dogs big, but I’ve always found the little buddies work just as hard, get injured a lot less, and I swear they all have bigger hearts.

R2 is an explorer. From the first time I free-ran with the pups, R2 was already off by himself, checking out what could be in this corner or that corner. I like to think he’s like his namesake, wandering around the Deathstar poking at things.

R2 is a little shy still. He gets extra time in the house and with people. His sisters are outgoing and ready for anything. R2 needs a little extra to keep up. I’m excited we have this bonus friend, and can’t wait to see what he’ll do.

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