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Without these people, there is no way we could even consider the next step of our journey. Thank you so much to the ones who are making this possible– and the ones who don’t have their own websites. Mom and Dad, you take my insanity in stride, and continue to support my madness: thank you.


I could never list all the mentors and guides I’ve had along the way, but in the world of mushing, I owe my start to Martin Buser. I know you keep apologizing for getting me into it, but thank you anyway. Daryl and Pam Darnell, you gave me three of my favorite years of mushing of all. Judy Currier connected me to Hooch, and so much more. Kristin Bacon let me learn along side her as she proved to be one of the toughest rookies I’ve ever met. Scott Smith taught me to rely on myself and keep going when the going gets rough.


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