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ATAO Kennel is the distance and mid-distance racing sled dog kennel of Mari Troshynski in Fairbanks, Alaska. Our goal is to keep a small kennel of happy, heathy teammates who get to do what they love most of all: run. Along the way, we aim to compete in the premier Alaskan and Yukon sled dog races such as the Iditarod and Yukon Quest.

ATAO is also part of a bigger project to take an honest look at accomplishing your dreams while struggling with depression. ATAO Adventure is Mari’s blog about mushing, boxing, and running to cope with mental illness.

Get ATAO to the Copper Basin in 2019!

$285 of $3,000 raised

The first adventure is getting to the start line! Support ATAO’s journey to the Copper Basin 300 this race season!

If we make it to our fundraising goal by October 1, we will plan to enter the CB300 this year! Note that some years the sign up process is based on internet connection and luck of the draw! If we don’t meet our fundraising goal, or if we don’t make it into the sign up, we’ll use the funds raised for either another 300 mile race, or the TR200.

Funds go towards:

  • Race entry fee: $500
  • Booties: $500
  • Gas and truck expenses: $1000
  • Food and lodging for humans: $500
  • Snacks and other race gear for Dogs: $500


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Donation Total: $10.00


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