The race is over, the banquet is done! You can send more messages to the team on the next race. Plus, you can always follow ATAO on FaceBook and Twitter @ATAOKennel. Onward!


Well, I know they can run 50 miles, no problem. So even if we have to camp mid way between some checkpoints, the dogs should be able to conquer a 300 mile race. Step by step. And this is different than last year. The dogs know the trail. The routine of this race will be more

familiar to them than their first time, last year. If we have to camp on the long runs, we can camp. If we have to rest longer than the minimum requirement, we will do that too. My stretch goal– my biggest hope– is to get as close to possible to that minimum rest. That’s an important learning experience for the dogs… And for me too.

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