ATAO is a sled dog kennel in Two Rivers, Alaska, just outside of Fairbanks.


What does ATAO stand for?

It can mean a lot of things! It started by being an acronym for “All The Doors are Open.” Well, as you can see, I forgot a letter! But that’s okay. I like the way “ATAO” sounds. And I keep finding new meanings for its letters. Some of them are: “Adventure. Truth. Accountability. Onward” or “And They Adventured Onward” or “Overcoming Adversity Through Adventure” (that one is backwards!). You can see there is a theme here. Adventure and Onward are really the keys. That’s my little philosophy about going forward, even when things are tough.



We keep a small kennel because we believe this allows us to focus on each dog and help them reach their best potential. Our dogs are family: they know their ways around a couch as well as winter trails. And of course we let them do plenty of what they love to do best: running!


Our aim is to participate in the premier distance and mid-distance races of Alaska and the Yukon.


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