An update from Shawn!

[Note from Will: We have snow on the ground now! I forgot to post this update that Shawn shared, so rewind your mind back to a couple weeks ago… And then at the end you can fast forward to winter, which is here!!!]

For one moment longer the leaves are still on the trees! The early mushing season has begun, and there have been many beautiful, crisp, and colorful fall days. It’s important to really enjoy this time of year, because truly you blink and it’s gone. The incoming cold weather, and long nights are also beautiful and a joy to experience, but the very brief experience of autumn in Alaska always leaves me trying to put extra gratitude into those days.

Fall training is also a fun time to play around with leaders, and team positions of the dogs because on the shorter runs and with the weight of the 4-wheeler behind you, it’s easier to mix and match as needed on a run. Rebel’s ‘puppies’ have been showing incredible leader potential, and have been running in lead for the glacier tours, and on some short fall runs. Twinkle Toes, Elmer, Maynar, and Boomer are particularly interested in being leaders of the team! Their unbridled enthusiasm and joy in running, is a real treat to get to experience with them. They also have impressive focus and determination to work, and work hard! And then of course to play hard! 

I just thought this update was important.



Shawn mushing a fall team with Boomer and Peach in lead! 

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