Announcements! Stuff! Things!

Another post so soon?? You must have so much time on your hands Will!

(I do not have so much time on my hands but there are things to announce!)

We have some important things for ATAO followers to know.

First of all, we have our human handler team lined up for Copper Basin. The handlers will be Sarah the amazing ATAO helper, and our great buddy Arthur! Plus of course, Todd the Truck, who hopefully will be fixed up by then (he has some steering and brake issues… Yipes!). Sarah + Arthur are a KICKASS crew. I am so excited to have them on board for the ATAO race this season. I will not have to worry about anything handler side– those folks will have it covered. That’s a really great feeling. I’ll be doing a bigger post introducing them in the next few weeks!

Second, we are at last getting some professional dog portraits done this month!!! We are super excited to have Emily Rosenblatt coming out to make our crew look good. We’ll have the new portraits up on the site soon– And we’ll be sending out some cool swag (Solstice Surprises!) to Buddies and Monster Sponsors once we get the new portraits in!

If you want to get in on some of that swag before the holiday season, sign up to Be a Buddy or Sponsor a Monster before the end of the month! Folks who Buddy or Sponsor up after the end of November will still get swag, but not til March!

On that note, we have some amazing news… Every single dog has at least two Buddies. Our Buddy Brigade is AMAZING. And, half of the ATAO racing team is sponsored!!!! Here are the dogs who are individually sponsored:

Visit the links here to see what their sponsors say about these Very Good Dogs.

The other teammates who are still looking for their dedicated monster sponsor are

And you can sponsor Hooch or Bonnie too!

If you are interested in Sponsoring a Monster, click on their name and you can see their profile and where to sponsor. Or, go here to visit profiles of the whole crew!

Other than that, it’s 60 days til the Copper Basin!!! The countdown is on! We have plenty to do and we’re ready to go. Are you?


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