In 2015 / 2016 I was privileged to work with Scott Smith of Red Dog Racing Kennel. I trained intently and ran two races with the team. That year Scott took 10th in Iditarod. I’m proud of the work I put into helping train that team, and I’m grateful I got to work with Red Dog Racing. I also cut my teeth on running things on my own to a degree, since the way Scott and I operated was that we took turns being at the kennel. That meant I was alone working at the kennel for two weeks at a time. It was a good test of myself and what I was capable of.

Red Dog

Red Dog Racing has been a quiet presence for over fifteen years in Alaska. Scott has the helm and has done really well with his line of dogs. This year, obviously, I’m joining the works. After a long several weeks … Read More

Ix Nay…

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Oops! I was a little suspicious that we might not actually make it in when the initial list had us as #50 (last position) in the Copper Basin 300. Unfortunately, after they sorted things out, ATAO is actually 3rd on … Read More