In 2015 / 2016 I was privileged to work with Scott Smith of Red Dog Racing Kennel. I trained intently and ran two races with the team. That year Scott took 10th in Iditarod. I’m proud of the work I put into helping train that team, and I’m grateful I got to work with Red Dog Racing. I also cut my teeth on running things on my own to a degree, since the way Scott and I operated was that we took turns being at the kennel. That meant I was alone working at the kennel for two weeks at a time. It was a good test of myself and what I was capable of.


I only have a few minutes before hooking up for my next run. This hitch has been the one to get the miles on before the race season official begins for us, and since the last hitch my run lengths … Read More

Red Dog

Red Dog Racing has been a quiet presence for over fifteen years in Alaska. Scott has the helm and has done really well with his line of dogs. This year, obviously, I’m joining the works. After a long several weeks … Read More

Ix Nay…

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Oops! I was a little suspicious that we might not actually make it in when the initial list had us as #50 (last position) in the Copper Basin 300. Unfortunately, after they sorted things out, ATAO is actually 3rd on … Read More