In 2015 / 2016 I was privileged to work with Scott Smith of Red Dog Racing Kennel. I trained intently and ran two races with the team. That year Scott took 10th in Iditarod. I’m proud of the work I put into helping train that team, and I’m grateful I got to work with Red Dog Racing. I also cut my teeth on running things on my own to a degree, since the way Scott and I operated was that we took turns being at the kennel. That meant I was alone working at the kennel for two weeks at a time. It was a good test of myself and what I was capable of.

Scott Smith Takes 10th in the 2016 Iditarod

Watching a tracker is a horrible thing. I’d rather do almost anything else, and I’d especially rather be mushing. Nevertheless, a deal is a deal, and this year isn’t my year. In one year, that will be me, and all … Read More

Manifesto: or, What I Learned This Year

Every year I mush, I learn something. I learn a lot of things. I have mushed for fifteen years, and this year is no different. I have learned things about dogs, techniques about mushing, about feeding, about pacing. I have … Read More

After the Races

I’ve been listening to Radical Face a lot lately. I haven’t been writing a lot. Sorry about that. Lots of things have been going on, and not a lot of time to describe them. Although, that’s not really the reason … Read More

Copper Basin 300

The Copper Basin 300 is coming up! The race starts on January 9th. I am (currently!) listed as musher # 41. (If anyone drops, that number may change, a couple days ago I was #43!) There are a couple of … Read More


I only have a few minutes before hooking up for my next run. This hitch has been the one to get the miles on before the race season official begins for us, and since the last hitch my run lengths … Read More


Hitch on! We started the weekend with a bang. When I go on hitch is the one time a month that Scott and I see each other and work together, most often (there is sometimes a weekend where I’m off … Read More

Winter’s Hitch Eve

It’s the night before my next hitch. My first hitch, in October, was deceptively un-busy… Or much less busy than I thought i would be. I managed to make it busy, fitting in the many other projects that can fill … Read More

The Clothing Makes the Musher

I foolishly called Apocalypse Design about a week ago with full intentions to order myself a set of custom bibs. Apocalypse Design is this pretty amazing company in Fairbanks that makes fantastic mushing gear. I’ve seen this in action, and … Read More

Red Dog

Red Dog Racing has been a quiet presence for over fifteen years in Alaska. Scott has the helm and has done really well with his line of dogs. This year, obviously, I’m joining the works. After a long several weeks … Read More

Just a Little Hitch

Well… Things have been so crazy since I started this hitch, I haven’t had the chance to write any of it down. I’ve been thinking blog posts a lot. This happens when I mush– I have a lot of time … Read More

First Night Out

  On Sunday, I took a break from “reality” and headed to Red Dog Racing. We had decided it would be a good time to do our first camping run with the team. Early in the season, “camp outs” are … Read More

Back to Reality

Monday was my first day back to “reality.” I’m not sure “reality” is a great term for the non-dog world. One of the best parts about the dog world is how present and gritty it is. However, let’s just call … Read More

Visitors, and Hitches

  On Wednesday, my college roommate from ten years ago arrived in Alaska, and jumped with both feet into several days of mushing. I met her at the Willow Community Center (which I kept forgetting to tell her is where … Read More

The Soggy Dog-Days of Autumn

It is raining right now in Willow.   That isn’t entirely unusual, for this time of year. And really, for the first week of my first Hitch, it’s been pretty dry. But the wet has rolled in the last two … Read More

So It Begins

On Saturday, Hooch and I headed to Red Dog Racing for our first “hitch.” Because Scott works an oil job with two weeks on and two weeks off, I’ll be complimenting his schedule– so when he’s away at work, I’ll … Read More

Ix Nay…

Oops! I was a little suspicious that we might not actually make it in when the initial list had us as #50 (last position) in the Copper Basin 300. Unfortunately, after they sorted things out, ATAO is actually 3rd on … Read More