What is happening???

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Oops I broke the site! Just part of the joys of running your whole darn operation. I’m working on it! Kind of like how you work on cleaning by first making a really big mess. I’m doing the really big … Read More

The Long Year

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When you have a goal– a massive, life goal– there is a before, and there is an after. People talk a lot about a sense of loss. Inigo Montoya after killing the six fingered man: “Is very strange. I have been … Read More

Heart & Hard Choices

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I don’t so much have it in me to do the longwinded thing that I normally do. Today I emailed Iditarod and informed them I’d be withdrawing. We also sat down with the ATAO team here and made the decision … Read More

Health & Happiness

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During Iditarod, I felt fit as a fiddle. Or, mostly. My hands were super messed up. I couldn’t use zippers or do small tasks. As I mention in one of the recordings I made along the way, I could, at … Read More


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Hi folks. This coming Monday, on August 16th, we’re holding our annual Buddy re-pick. That’s the time when Buddies– friends of the kennel who have picked out a few of their favorite teammates to follow along most closely with– get … Read More

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