Just a Little Hitch

Well… Things have been so crazy since I started this hitch, I haven’t had the chance to write any of it down. I’ve been thinking blog posts a lot. This happens when I mush– I have a lot of time … Read More

First Night Out

  On Sunday, I took a break from “reality” and headed to Red Dog Racing. We had decided it would be a good time to do our first camping run with the team. Early in the season, “camp outs” are … Read More

Back to Reality

Monday was my first day back to “reality.” I’m not sure “reality” is a great term for the non-dog world. One of the best parts about the dog world is how present and gritty it is. However, let’s just call … Read More

Visitors, and Hitches

  On Wednesday, my college roommate from ten years ago arrived in Alaska, and jumped with both feet into several days of mushing. I met her at the Willow Community Center (which I kept forgetting to tell her is where … Read More

The Soggy Dog-Days of Autumn

It is raining right now in Willow.   That isn’t entirely unusual, for this time of year. And really, for the first week of my first Hitch, it’s been pretty dry. But the wet has rolled in the last two … Read More

So It Begins

On Saturday, Hooch and I headed to Red Dog Racing for our first “hitch.” Because Scott works an oil job with two weeks on and two weeks off, I’ll be complimenting his schedule– so when he’s away at work, I’ll … Read More

Ix Nay…

Oops! I was a little suspicious that we might not actually make it in when the initial list had us as #50 (last position) in the Copper Basin 300. Unfortunately, after they sorted things out, ATAO is actually 3rd on … Read More

Who is Hooch?

The first thing about Hooch is the ears.   They are literally what stick out about her.   When people see Hooch, they tend to comment: “She’s a pretty dog!” Then they remark about the ears.   Hooch has been … Read More

Happy Run Hooch

Hooch has been living inside with me this summer and, I think, soaking up all the love, attention, and dog beds. She isn’t one hundred percent sure about this life. Stairs were a terrifying learning process. My partner, Roman, is still … Read More

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