Being a Buddy is a great way to cheer on your favorite dogs at ATAO!

Need a refresher about who’s who? Read up on the team:

How it works:

  • You choose to pay a flat rate or a monthly fee
  • You pick out your favorite dogs at ATAO
  • You’re listed as one of their BEST BUDS!
  • You’re entered into our monthly drawing once for each Buddy you pick*
  • You can win a great swag bag (and your Buddy gets a treat on camera!)
  • You can pick as many Buddies as you want!


There are two awesome options to Be a Buddy!

Sign Up Here Join Patreon
Simple and sweet– No login necessary! EXTRA access to photos, video, and writing!
Flat rate: $20 / Buddy Monthly fee starting at $3/ 1 Buddy
You’re a Buddy for the whole season Be a Buddy for as long or short as you want!
As many Buddies as you want Up to 5 Buddies



* Monthly drawings will be held from August 2018 – April 2019 for this racing season. If the combo of you+your bud win, that combo will be withdrawn from the pool for the season. Your name will remain the pool with whatever other dogs you have Buddied!


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