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It’s summer. I really can’t help but start with the season, the conditions. Mostly because I am itching for those conditions to be different, to be winter again. I am actually not much of a winter person, when it comes … Read More

What’s a Musher?

During winter and the Iditarod season, you may wonder: What is a musher? You hear epic stories about mushers braving the cold, being dragged around on their faces, and bonding with their team. A musher is many things, but number … Read More

First Ever Race Recap

I left the race start with something less than dignity. I was a bit of a mess, my parka still open, my bib half on. But my team was excited and ready to go, and it was time! I held … Read More

Adventures in Mushing

My little six dog team blows me away. They are strong and coordinated. I use an eight dog string and to be honest, so they look almost like a “normal” team,  and they have the power of any other team … Read More

North and South and North Again

Wow! What a crazy few weeks. It was hard to believe our friend Arthur was finally visiting– And good thing their #worstvacationever / #autumnassistance came when it did, because it get ATAO ready for the next phase… Some new faces … Read More

Visitor Labor #worstvacationever

As the weather gets a little colder, finally, the list of Things to Do grows longer. What perfect timing, then, for our great friend Arthur to show up!!! I have decided to hashtag Arthur’s visit with the moniker “worst vacation … Read More

Interior Autumn

Fall is more prolonged here than I remember. Actually, since I moved back to Alaska in 2013, I think I thought that about every fall. That it is more gorgeous and lengthy than I can recall from my childhood. Maybe … Read More

Happy First Day of Mushing!

The leaves are yellowing in patches. The other night, when I went out late to do a final check on the dogs, the aurora was dancing across the sky like someone poured colors over a bowl. There’s a sharp nip … Read More


This last week has been my first week of really having my own *kennel* with more than two dogs. In a lot of ways, I slot back into the routines of handling with ease. And in other ways– This is … Read More

Surprise I Have Puppies

Surprise! I knew I was getting puppies. I did not know that would be last weekend. Let me back up. We drove up from Minnesota. Nine long days of scenery, no scenery, cars that worked and cars that didn’t, podcasts, … Read More

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