All About How I Hate Selling a Selfish Activity I Do to Keep My Own Brain Sane   Full disclosure. I HATE MARKETING!!! God I hate it. Let me be clear– When it’s done well, and it works well, I … Read More

Ubi Sunt

One year ago, to the day, after a mere three hour drive from Tok and a quick rumble over pot-hole-filled Chena Hotsprings Road, we pulled into the driveway of the very first official Home of ATAO. It feels– Preposterous that … Read More


Over my years as a handler, I got to learn from a pretty impressive variety of mushers. It was a lot of years and a lot of mushers. I think probably more than your average person who wants to have … Read More

Final Mush!

It’s hard to believe, but spring is upon us… I had the last real mush of the season the other day. The run was absolutely gorgeous… I know now why folks get excited about spring mushing. I sure do like … Read More

Plans and Dreams, the 2018 Version!

We’re already hatching plans for next year… I can’t wait! Our first year of raising happy puppies has been a success, thanks in no small part to all of you who have followed and supported us along the way. We … Read More

Springtime Magic Running Dogs

Ever feel that weird sense of anti-climax where you missed some kind of big event but it’s actually kind of better anyway? Okay maybe I make no sense. It’s really strange to have a mushing year where I’m not pushing … Read More

Now It’s Real

It’s snowing again here in Two Rivers! Locals can be frequently heard complaining about the amount of shoveling they’ve had to do this winter… But I’m not complaining! It’s pretty awesome to have such an amazing first official winter under … Read More

And Then I Bought a Truck

I’ve been holding off posting because I am afraid to jinx myself! This past month, I was able to shake hands on an exciting deal– A big ole diesel used F350 that has done its duty as a dog truck … Read More

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