To Build a Kennel

We are on the road! After a couple of warm summer months in Minneapolis saving funds and completing job obligations, Shawn and I are on the road to be re-unitied with The Girls (Hooch and Ophelia!). Well, on a circuitous … Read More


Guy Goggins was a great cat.   When I met him, I didn’t know that my partner, Shawn, knew he was old (we were just starting to date). I had only heard from Shawn that Guy was “perfect.” Shawn poured … Read More

My Shot

It’s happening.   It’s taken almost two decades to get this project underway, but as of last Monday, I signed the lease on the cabin I will be renting. In September, I’ll be getting puppies. All in all… I’m finally … Read More

The Story of ATAO

My name is Will. For most of the last two decades, I’ve spent winters handling for all sorts. I’ve handled for two different Iditarod champions, helped get an underdog team into the top ten in the big race, and worked … Read More

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