Solstice Shawn!

Happy (Soon to be) Solstice from ATAO Kennel! Once upon a 2017 December Mr. Billy Tro ran ATAO’s first Solstice race with the kennel’s OG team of 7! Well kind of. Bonnie, Egret, Ophelia, Annie, Nala, and a friend’s pair … Read More

Mr. R2

We have some important news about Mr. R2: he’s heading to a life of couchy goodness. I thought I better get that out of the way first off, so no one thought the worst. You probably know that R2 was … Read More


Today is the start of the first Iditarod of the new decade. I was hoping to go down to see the start, but random wrenches gummed up the works. That’s okay– I’ve seen a lot of Iditarod starts. I would … Read More

The Dogs Have Lice!

The dogs have lice!!!! JK. Here is a series of Will-isms that may give you a better picture into the mind of a slightly neurotic sled dog…oh wait, human. 1.The Dogs Have Lice! Will has many moments that we like … Read More

The Names of Dogs

We let the dogs out of the truck one by one. They came out of their boxes with energy and grace. In my memory, I see it slow motion, all perfect lines of legs and elongated spines and stretched taut … Read More

On Teaching Dogs to Sit

It turns out that this isn’t about sitting at all– But about shaking. The first dog I ever taught a trick to was our golden retriever Dan. I was in third grade. No one had shown me how to train … Read More

Losing my Boot, and Finding my Way

The day before my first race, everything went wrong. A dog jumped out of his box at a gas station on the way to vet checks (we got him back but he gave us a scare). I burned my hand … Read More

Springtime Magic Running Dogs

Ever feel that weird sense of anti-climax where you missed some kind of big event but it’s actually kind of better anyway? Okay maybe I make no sense. It’s really strange to have a mushing year where I’m not pushing … Read More

Copper Basin and Meds!

This morning, the neighborhood erupted into a chorus of excited barking and howling as various mushers loaded up their teams and took off for the Copper Basin 300. The Copper Basin is one of my all time favorite races. It’s … Read More


It’s hard to believe this is all happening sometimes! Outside, the pups are in a big pile taking a nap. In here the old ladies Bonnie and Hooch are curled up on the couch and on the bed lounging and … Read More

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