Copper Basin 300

The Copper Basin 300 is coming up! The race starts on January 9th. I am (currently!) listed as musher # 41. (If anyone drops, that number may change, a couple days ago I was #43!) There are a couple of … Read More

Why I Mush

In 2000, I stood on the runners of a sled dog team for the first time. I had wanted to since I was seven, maybe before that, but definitely since we moved to Alaska. Dogs and cold and adventure. I … Read More

The Clothing Makes the Musher

I foolishly called Apocalypse Design about a week ago with full intentions to order myself a set of custom bibs. Apocalypse Design is this pretty amazing company in Fairbanks that makes fantastic mushing gear. I’ve seen this in action, and … Read More

The Story of ATAO

I started mushing when I was 14. I had wanted to a long time before that. When I was seven, when we were moving from Wyoming to Alaska, I told everyone I knew I was going to be a musher. … Read More

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