Bossiness in Barking

From Shawn: This past week at ATAO has been a difficult week. We lost two of our old girls Bonnie and Linda all in the same week. Bonnie was a spitfire and quirky lady.  Will mushed with Bonnie years ago in 2015/2016 … Read More

Dress a Dog Day Vote: June 2018

The big vote is (finally!!!) here. How should we dress Bonnie for this month? We have some great suggestions! Vote here! [socialpoll id=”2508365″]


Bonalon and Hooch are enjoying the couch life. They both told me, in no uncertain terms, that they are ready to be officially RETIRED. They will get out for fun runs when they want to, but for now they are … Read More

Bonnie’s Big Adventure

I’ve never disliked fireworks before. Of course, I’ve heard of pet owners and dog lovers being frustrated with them, and of course I’ve seen dogs who are terrified of the repeated barrage of explosions that must feel like the end … Read More