Today is the start of the first Iditarod of the new decade. I was hoping to go down to see the start, but random wrenches gummed up the works. That’s okay– I’ve seen a lot of Iditarod starts. I would … Read More

Obstacles and Goals

We’ve had a hell of a season so far. Some of it great, some of it not so great. I know it’s old news, but it does still boggle me how much of a wrench that porcupine threw in things. … Read More

Anxiety and Dragging

This post was converted from a thread posted on Twitter. You can follow us there @ataokennel   So, this weekend kind of sucked. Mostly just because of my brain being my brain. Anxiety! Depression! Did I mention anxiety! Anyway such … Read More

The Hill

It’s the night before the first run of the season. Or, more appropriately, it’s the morning already, I’m just hoping to put at least one more hour of sleep between me and the alarm. But I can’t sleep. I’m turning … Read More

Brains and Breaks

Shawn said, “You should go down to Out of a Jam and work for a couple weeks.” Shawn said, “You know that’s good for your brain.” Shawn said, “You know that seeing Michael is good for you.” Shawn said, “You … Read More

This Post was Supposed to be about my Sled

[This post includes candid discussion about physical violence (specifically being punched in boxing), and depression]   Have you ever been in a fight? A real fight? Have you been hit in the face? I bet more than a few of … Read More

The Dogs Have Lice!

The dogs have lice!!!! JK. Here is a series of Will-isms that may give you a better picture into the mind of a slightly neurotic sled dog…oh wait, human. 1.The Dogs Have Lice! Will has many moments that we like … Read More


Over the last few weeks, our lives have been dictated by the idea of movement. We have moved to a new house. We are traveling, moving physically thousands of miles from home. I am taking a major leap forward toward … Read More

The Trick and the Steps

CW mental health issues (depression / anxiety) Tonight, after I fed, I tricked myself. Sometimes, I have to do this. The world outside is… Difficult right now. And my interior world is not easy either. Which, in a time when … Read More

Me and my Physical Body

In the last two years, I’ve gone through a lot of emotional, existential alchemy, pushing me to ultimately take the dive and start my kennel on my own terms. At that two-years-ago mark, I was in what was probably the … Read More

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