Dress a Dog Day Returns!

Lincoln is the first Dress-a-Dog contestant for 2020. Thank you for the hilarious suggestions of what costume we should prepare for our (not so) lil Linky! We planned to open voting sooner, which is why some of the St. Paddy’s … Read More

Dress a Dog Day is Baaaaaack

You’ve waited a long time, and it’s paid off. We’re returning to Dress a Dog day with the wonderous Lincoln. Below you can submit your suggestions for how to dress her up!  

How to Dress Nala?

Friends! Folks! Followers! Lend me your… ideas! We need some suggestions for how to dress Nala this month! Nala is super high energy, sweet, and goofy. She always has a smile! How should we dress her up? Fill out this … Read More

Dress a Dog Day Vote: June 2018

The big vote is (finally!!!) here. How should we dress Bonnie for this month? We have some great suggestions! Vote here! [socialpoll id=”2508365″]

Dress a Dog Day Vote: May 2018

The day is finally here! Get your votes in for how we should dress Mad Max! Remember, we have to make the costume, and, if you so insist, Will will wear one too!   Voting will be open until the … Read More