The Final Stretch

Looking back through pictures, I am flabbergasted to find that the winter has carried forward like a steam engine, and our race is almost here. WOW. You may have noticed that I have cut back my presence on social media. … Read More

Losing my Boot, and Finding my Way

The day before my first race, everything went wrong. A dog jumped out of his box at a gas station on the way to vet checks (we got him back but he gave us a scare). I burned my hand … Read More


This last week has been my first week of really having my own *kennel* with more than two dogs. In a lot of ways, I slot back into the routines of handling with ease. And in other ways– This is … Read More

To Build a Kennel

We are on the road! After a couple of warm summer months in Minneapolis saving funds and completing job obligations, Shawn and I are on the road to be re-unitied with The Girls (Hooch and Ophelia!). Well, on a circuitous … Read More

The Clothing Makes the Musher

I foolishly called Apocalypse Design about a week ago with full intentions to order myself a set of custom bibs. Apocalypse Design is this pretty amazing company in Fairbanks that makes fantastic mushing gear. I’ve seen this in action, and … Read More

The Soggy Dog-Days of Autumn

It is raining right now in Willow.   That isn’t entirely unusual, for this time of year. And really, for the first week of my first Hitch, it’s been pretty dry. But the wet has rolled in the last two … Read More