Updates and Gratitude

Tis the season to think back over the year and reflect, and a good time to share some things we’re thankful for. Gratitude is kind of an amazing thing– It gives you back so much positivity. That thing about thinking … Read More

The Dogs Have Lice!

The dogs have lice!!!! JK. Here is a series of Will-isms that may give you a better picture into the mind of a slightly neurotic sled dog…oh wait, human. 1.The Dogs Have Lice! Will has many moments that we like … Read More

Healthy Stuff

I really just think of these updates as elongated weather reports… So here is the update. Summer is almost upon us! Snow becomes puddles. Dog exercise is primarily free play or leashed walks as we wait for trails to be … Read More

Break Time

That day when you realize you are in an abusive relationship with Facebook. Again. Again, meaning you realize, again. And also that you are, yet again, in this relationship. You keep coming back. I firmly, with great conviction, left Facebook … Read More

Interior Autumn

Fall is more prolonged here than I remember. Actually, since I moved back to Alaska in 2013, I think I thought that about every fall. That it is more gorgeous and lengthy than I can recall from my childhood. Maybe … Read More

Happy First Day of Mushing!

The leaves are yellowing in patches. The other night, when I went out late to do a final check on the dogs, the aurora was dancing across the sky like someone poured colors over a bowl. There’s a sharp nip … Read More


Today is Ophelia’s birthday. ATAO has made it home, to Alaska. The land that calls and calls me, and won’t let me go. It’s been a very long and winding year for me. Probably for Ophelia too, and Hooch as … Read More

Horsing Around

Before we depart for the wilds of Alaska, Shawn and I are visiting with Shawn’s family in Wisconsin. Shawn’s mom and dad, Julie and Tim, invited us along to go to one of their traditional family waysides, Woodside Ranch. I … Read More