Our New Home, the Vet

Ever since September 30th, when we had an unplanned hang out with with a prickly roadside traveler, we have spent an amazing amount of time at the vet. And we are very, very grateful for all the dedicated individuals at … Read More


Last night, a quiet little miracle happened. Maybe miracle is too strong– but for those little moments of success that seemed far off or impossible, even… miracle is the closest to what it feels like. Two things happened yesterday that … Read More


Here’s a follow up to the misadventures of the last few days. Yesterday, the ten remaining dogs who were on the Sept 30th team went to the vet. Huge shout out to North Pole Veterinary Hospital for being thorough and … Read More

Post Quill Ergo Propter Quill

We are so grateful and overwhelmed by the kind response from so many folks who follow the kennel. Thank you. Here’s a brief classically not brief update about how everyone is doing. Ophelia, Rebel, Sundance, Marnie, Belle, Aurora, Rogue, and Annie … Read More

The Hill

It’s the night before the first run of the season. Or, more appropriately, it’s the morning already, I’m just hoping to put at least one more hour of sleep between me and the alarm. But I can’t sleep. I’m turning … Read More

The Wild Skagway Adventure

Bright and early on the morning of May 1st, Sarah and I loaded up most of the ATAO team: Rey, Rebel, Rogue, Sundance, Cassidy, Furiosa, Egret, Aurora, Belle, Nala, and Sarah’s Mad Max, and Misty. We had a long trip … Read More

Buddies, Puppies, and People! Oh My!

The end of April marks the official “end of the season.” On May 1st, we’ll be driving 9 of the ATAO teammates, 2 Dream Catcher Sled Dogs (Sarah’s friends!), and 19 dogs from two other cool kennels down to Skagway, … Read More

Ophelia is Pregnant!!!

Ophelia is getting wider by the day! In case you didn’t know, this spring (during Iditarod time!) we bred Ophelia to a neighboring heckuva leader named Brock. Both Ophelia and Brock are BIG dogs, which means we’ll add some height … Read More

77 & the Vet

Yesterday, the team and I conquered a really big milestone… We did a 75 mile run! In fact, we did a 77 mile run. Our scheduled 75 mile run was thwarted by me losing the team. I’ve been taking Wednesdays … Read More

Work Party

So, here’s a favorite story of mine. It is highly immersed in and important to the Goggins-Troshynski narrative. Franky and I had been dating maybe 8 months. I’m calling Will, Franky because that is how they introduced themselves to me in the alternate universe … Read More

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