The Dogs Have Lice!

The dogs have lice!!!! JK. Here is a series of Will-isms that may give you a better picture into the mind of a slightly neurotic sled dog…oh wait, human. 1.The Dogs Have Lice! Will has many moments that we like … Read More


Last night I took half of the team out by sled. We’re late into the season with virtually no snow pack. But the couple inches we got this past week were enough to tempt bored mushers. I saw runner tracks … Read More

A Good Crew

Hi friends! It’s only 61 days til the Copper Basin. Thanks to so many of you, we’re well on the way there. We got a huge order of meat that will last us til racetime and keep the dogs in … Read More

Ubi Sunt

One year ago, to the day, after a mere three hour drive from Tok and a quick rumble over pot-hole-filled Chena Hotsprings Road, we pulled into the driveway of the very first official Home of ATAO. It feels– Preposterous that … Read More

Whether / Weather

It’s summer. I really can’t help but start with the season, the conditions. Mostly because I am itching for those conditions to be different, to be winter again. I am actually not much of a winter person, when it comes … Read More

Healthy Stuff

I really just think of these updates as elongated weather reports… So here is the update. Summer is almost upon us! Snow becomes puddles. Dog exercise is primarily free play or leashed walks as we wait for trails to be … Read More

Big Steps for Little Paws

This Sunday (besides being April Fool’s Day, among other things) was a momentous day at ATAO. The “Outlaws” (formerly known as the baby puppies) did their very first run with the sled! And they kicked butt! For the first time … Read More

And Then I Bought a Truck

I’ve been holding off posting because I am afraid to jinx myself! This past month, I was able to shake hands on an exciting deal– A big ole diesel used F350 that has done its duty as a dog truck … Read More

Goodbye Gerald

Gerald is my tooth. Sadly, I had just recently named him, right before he was rudely broken up and removed from my jaw the other day. Gerald and I have had a long journey of too much sugar, crunching on … Read More

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