New method, same Buddies

If you’re a Buddy, you know our Buddy updates lately have been sparse. There’s a few reasons for that, but one of the really big ones is the method of sending those. We use Mailchimp to send out email updates … Read More

Does anyone want this update?

Hello this is Shawn entering your email or social media feed, idk. I think Will had so many eloquent things to say when he came out with his ADHD diagnosis. Generally he’s a good writer and has a lot to … Read More

Brains and Breaks

Shawn said, “You should go down to Out of a Jam and work for a couple weeks.” Shawn said, “You know that’s good for your brain.” Shawn said, “You know that seeing Michael is good for you.” Shawn said, “You … Read More

Work Party

So, here’s a favorite story of mine. It is highly immersed in and important to the Goggins-Troshynski narrative. Franky and I had been dating maybe 8 months. I’m calling Will, Franky because that is how they introduced themselves to me in the alternate universe … Read More

This Post was Supposed to be about my Sled

[This post includes candid discussion about physical violence (specifically being punched in boxing), and depression]   Have you ever been in a fight? A real fight? Have you been hit in the face? I bet more than a few of … Read More


Over the last few weeks, our lives have been dictated by the idea of movement. We have moved to a new house. We are traveling, moving physically thousands of miles from home. I am taking a major leap forward toward … Read More


All About How I Hate Selling a Selfish Activity I Do to Keep My Own Brain Sane   Full disclosure. I HATE MARKETING!!! God I hate it. Let me be clear– When it’s done well, and it works well, I … Read More

Testing Testing 123!

Hi friends! If you have found this post, congrats! I’m testing out a cool new thing that ATAO will be doing shortly… Sharing the tracks of our expeditions and journeys! This will be available to my Patreon subscribers! Patreon is … Read More

The Trick and the Steps

CW mental health issues (depression / anxiety) Tonight, after I fed, I tricked myself. Sometimes, I have to do this. The world outside is… Difficult right now. And my interior world is not easy either. Which, in a time when … Read More


I am so sorry to my followers (especially email subscribers!) who got spammed with a punch of background posts! Two website plugins did epic battle and I’m afraid you were the collateral. But the good (exciting!) news is, I’m working … Read More

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