Whew, what a year. When I elected to step back from Iditarod in 2022 (likely one of the best choices I made for myself and ATAO, with all the shenanigans that would be ensuing, unbeknownst to any of us), the … Read More

Episode 4: The Steps

Will and the team are fresh off their rest at Finger Lake, and are ready to tackle the Happy River Steps, one of the major obstacles of the race. Listen on Apple Podcasts • View Plain Transcript Buddies receive email … Read More

Post Quill Ergo Propter Quill

We are so grateful and overwhelmed by the kind response from so many folks who follow the kennel. Thank you. Here’s a brief classically not brief update about how everyone is doing. Ophelia, Rebel, Sundance, Marnie, Belle, Aurora, Rogue, and Annie … Read More


Mushing is always an adventure. Sometimes it is the kind of adventure you’d prefer not to have.   Today started off on sort of the wrong foot anyway when Shawn called me with a flat tire and a ticking clock … Read More

Buddies, Puppies, and People! Oh My!

The end of April marks the official “end of the season.” On May 1st, we’ll be driving 9 of the ATAO teammates, 2 Dream Catcher Sled Dogs (Sarah’s friends!), and 19 dogs from two other cool kennels down to Skagway, … Read More

Ophelia is Pregnant!!!

Ophelia is getting wider by the day! In case you didn’t know, this spring (during Iditarod time!) we bred Ophelia to a neighboring heckuva leader named Brock. Both Ophelia and Brock are BIG dogs, which means we’ll add some height … Read More

Solstice 50 Recap Athlete by Athlete

If you are a patron, you may have seen the Solstice 50 Recap I did that talks about the prep, the trails, the reflection of last year’s race, and more! If you haven’t seen it yet you can find it … Read More

12 Happy Friends

I am a person suspicious of love. I always have been, and probably always will be. It’s been almost a year since the teammates of ATAO wiggled their ways into my life, and still there is a part of me … Read More

Healthy Stuff

I really just think of these updates as elongated weather reports… So here is the update. Summer is almost upon us! Snow becomes puddles. Dog exercise is primarily free play or leashed walks as we wait for trails to be … Read More

Springtime Magic Running Dogs

Ever feel that weird sense of anti-climax where you missed some kind of big event but it’s actually kind of better anyway? Okay maybe I make no sense. It’s really strange to have a mushing year where I’m not pushing … Read More

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