Bonalon and Hooch are enjoying the couch life. They both told me, in no uncertain terms, that they are ready to be officially RETIRED. They will get out for fun runs when they want to, but for now they are … Read More

At Last… My Arm is Complete Again!

It’s hard to believe… But the team at ATAO Kennel is complete! (For this winter at least.) We are so excited to announce the final additions to the kennel for our founding year. Before I do, I want to explain … Read More

Winter is Coming!

I don’t yet have a four wheeler (though I will soon, fingers crossed), but I do have some doggos who need to run– So the current solution is to use myself as the anchor / slowdown-mechanism (which is really all … Read More

Happy First Day of Mushing!

The leaves are yellowing in patches. The other night, when I went out late to do a final check on the dogs, the aurora was dancing across the sky like someone poured colors over a bowl. There’s a sharp nip … Read More


It’s hard to believe this is all happening sometimes! Outside, the pups are in a big pile taking a nap. In here the old ladies Bonnie and Hooch are curled up on the couch and on the bed lounging and … Read More


Today is Ophelia’s birthday. ATAO has made it home, to Alaska. The land that calls and calls me, and won’t let me go. It’s been a very long and winding year for me. Probably for Ophelia too, and Hooch as … Read More

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