Potato Museum!

Shawn has officially welcomed the last of Marnie’s puppies to stay at the ATAO homestead as their very first sled dog of their own! You guessed it, her name is Potato Museum. She shall also be called potato, puptato, tato, … Read More

Our New Home, the Vet

Ever since September 30th, when we had an unplanned hang out with with a prickly roadside traveler, we have spent an amazing amount of time at the vet. And we are very, very grateful for all the dedicated individuals at … Read More

Buddies, Puppies, and People! Oh My!

The end of April marks the official “end of the season.” On May 1st, we’ll be driving 9 of the ATAO teammates, 2 Dream Catcher Sled Dogs (Sarah’s friends!), and 19 dogs from two other cool kennels down to Skagway, … Read More

Ophelia is Pregnant!!!

Ophelia is getting wider by the day! In case you didn’t know, this spring (during Iditarod time!) we bred Ophelia to a neighboring heckuva leader named Brock. Both Ophelia and Brock are BIG dogs, which means we’ll add some height … Read More

Big Steps for Little Paws

This Sunday (besides being April Fool’s Day, among other things) was a momentous day at ATAO. The “Outlaws” (formerly known as the baby puppies) did their very first run with the sled! And they kicked butt! For the first time … Read More

Plans and Dreams, the 2018 Version!

We’re already hatching plans for next year… I can’t wait! Our first year of raising happy puppies has been a success, thanks in no small part to all of you who have followed and supported us along the way. We … Read More

Goodbye Gerald

Gerald is my tooth. Sadly, I had just recently named him, right before he was rudely broken up and removed from my jaw the other day. Gerald and I have had a long journey of too much sugar, crunching on … Read More


Bonalon and Hooch are enjoying the couch life. They both told me, in no uncertain terms, that they are ready to be officially RETIRED. They will get out for fun runs when they want to, but for now they are … Read More

At Last… My Arm is Complete Again!

It’s hard to believe… But the team at ATAO Kennel is complete! (For this winter at least.) We are so excited to announce the final additions to the kennel for our founding year. Before I do, I want to explain … Read More


It’s hard to believe this is all happening sometimes! Outside, the pups are in a big pile taking a nap. In here the old ladies Bonnie and Hooch are curled up on the couch and on the bed lounging and … Read More

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