Copper Basin 2021 Race Recap

Somehow, Christmas passed, 2020 passed, and January was upon us. I did not feel ready, but in this training season, I had come to accept that I would never actually feel ready for much of anything. Shawn, Sam, and I … Read More

Mr. R2

We have some important news about Mr. R2: he’s heading to a life of couchy goodness. I thought I better get that out of the way first off, so no one thought the worst. You probably know that R2 was … Read More

Obstacles and Goals

We’ve had a hell of a season so far. Some of it great, some of it not so great. I know it’s old news, but it does still boggle me how much of a wrench that porcupine threw in things. … Read More

The Longest Night – Solstice 2019 Recap

A few days before the start of the Solstice, a friend mentioned that it didn’t look like I was signed up to race. “Yes I am!” I said indignantly. “They must have made a mistake.” I was, of course, supremely … Read More

Training and Braining

This fall is the start of our third season mushing here in Two Rivers as ATAO kennel. Around this time in our first season, we had 5-6 dogs ahead of the four-wheeler. Now we have 15 dogs (including 4 of … Read More

CB300 Part 5: Point Lodge to Finish

Part 1: Start to Chisto Part 2: Chisto to Meier’s Part 3: Meier’s to Sourdough Part 4: Sourdough to Point Lodge While Iditarod begins its final chapter, it’s time for me to write about the last leg of the Copper … Read More

CB300 Part 4: Sourdough to Point Lodge

Part 1: Start to Chisto Part 2: Chisto to Meier’s Part 3: Meier’s to Sourdough We traveled on the river for only a few hundred yards before we jumped up into a wooded trail. This section of the race would … Read More

CB300 Part 3: Meier’s to Sourdough

Meier’s Lake to Sourdough: 33.9 miles Part 1: Gakona to Chisto Part 2: Chisto to Meier’s We left Meier’s lake in the beautiful afternoon sun. I was not wearing my bibs or my parka. I knew I had a big … Read More

CB300 Part 2: Chisto to Meier’s

Chistochina to Meier’s Lake – 68 miles (Read part 1 of the race recap here to catch up) We set off into a lonely night. When I’ve run the Copper Basin before, I’ve been competing and aiming for minimum rest, … Read More

CB300 Part 1: Start to Chisto

Gakona (Start) > Chistochina: 33 miles We took off from the Gakona start line just in time. The mercury was rumored to be around -20, and predicted to be much colder out on parts of the trail. At the musher’s … Read More

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