77 & the Vet

Yesterday, the team and I conquered a really big milestone… We did a 75 mile run! In fact, we did a 77 mile run. Our scheduled 75 mile run was thwarted by me losing the team. I’ve been taking Wednesdays … Read More

Weekend Pupdate

I’m taking a mental health break from social media! You’ll see posts from me there, but I am not intaking anything from those platforms– And as we lead up to the race, I’ll be posting a lot more from here. … Read More

The Final Stretch

Looking back through pictures, I am flabbergasted to find that the winter has carried forward like a steam engine, and our race is almost here. WOW. You may have noticed that I have cut back my presence on social media. … Read More

Announcements! Stuff! Things!

Another post so soon?? You must have so much time on your hands Will! (I do not have so much time on my hands but there are things to announce!) We have some important things for ATAO followers to know. … Read More


Welp– It’s happening. We made it into the Copper Basin 300! It turns out that I shouldn’t have been so nervous about that part, because only 34 teams have signed up this year… So there was not danger of not … Read More

What’s a Musher?

During winter and the Iditarod season, you may wonder: What is a musher? You hear epic stories about mushers braving the cold, being dragged around on their faces, and bonding with their team. A musher is many things, but number … Read More

The 2018/2019 Dream… Copper Basin!

My lil buddies are growing fast. Max and Furiosa are bigger than Annie! The Star Wars pups are lean, beautiful animals who are going to be some incredible athletes. And Cassidy and Sundance are sweet, hard working girls. I LOVE … Read More

Plans and Dreams, the 2018 Version!

We’re already hatching plans for next year… I can’t wait! Our first year of raising happy puppies has been a success, thanks in no small part to all of you who have followed and supported us along the way. We … Read More

First Ever Race Recap

I left the race start with something less than dignity. I was a bit of a mess, my parka still open, my bib half on. But my team was excited and ready to go, and it was time! I held … Read More

About Pride and Health

This November was tough on my mental health, and it’s also forced me to look at myself and my kennel setup in a whole new light. I have given lip service to the truth that if I don’t take care … Read More

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