The Story of ATAO

My name is Will. For most of the last two decades, I’ve spent winters handling for all sorts. I’ve handled for two different Iditarod champions, helped get an underdog team into the top ten in the big race, and worked … Read More

After the Races

I’ve been listening to Radical Face a lot lately. I haven’t been writing a lot. Sorry about that. Lots of things have been going on, and not a lot of time to describe them. Although, that’s not really the reason … Read More

Copper Basin 300

The Copper Basin 300 is coming up! The race starts on January 9th. I am (currently!) listed as musher # 41. (If anyone drops, that number may change, a couple days ago I was #43!) There are a couple of … Read More

Red Dog

Red Dog Racing has been a quiet presence for over fifteen years in Alaska. Scott has the helm and has done really well with his line of dogs. This year, obviously, I’m joining the works. After a long several weeks … Read More

First Night Out

  On Sunday, I took a break from “reality” and headed to Red Dog Racing. We had decided it would be a good time to do our first camping run with the team. Early in the season, “camp outs” are … Read More

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