Solstice 50 Recap Athlete by Athlete

If you are a patron, you may have seen the Solstice 50 Recap I did that talks about the prep, the trails, the reflection of last year’s race, and more! If you haven’t seen it yet you can find it … Read More

77 & the Vet

Yesterday, the team and I conquered a really big milestone… We did a 75 mile run! In fact, we did a 77 mile run. Our scheduled 75 mile run was thwarted by me losing the team. I’ve been taking Wednesdays … Read More

A Good Crew

Hi friends! It’s only 61 days til the Copper Basin. Thanks to so many of you, we’re well on the way there. We got a huge order of meat that will last us til racetime and keep the dogs in … Read More

On Teaching Dogs to Sit

It turns out that this isn’t about sitting at all– But about shaking. The first dog I ever taught a trick to was our golden retriever Dan. I was in third grade. No one had shown me how to train … Read More

12 Happy Friends

I am a person suspicious of love. I always have been, and probably always will be. It’s been almost a year since the teammates of ATAO wiggled their ways into my life, and still there is a part of me … Read More

Final Mush!

It’s hard to believe, but spring is upon us… I had the last real mush of the season the other day. The run was absolutely gorgeous… I know now why folks get excited about spring mushing. I sure do like … Read More

Big Steps for Little Paws

This Sunday (besides being April Fool’s Day, among other things) was a momentous day at ATAO. The “Outlaws” (formerly known as the baby puppies) did their very first run with the sled! And they kicked butt! For the first time … Read More