Solstice Surprise???

Hey hey hey! We are so excited to welcome Chris L and meencat to our Monster Sponsor crew! They have sponsored Ophelia and R2 respectively over the last couple of weeks. We are preparing a really special Solstice Surprise for … Read More

Training Starts Now

Much like every other day, training starts today. Last week, I realized we have 9 weeks to go til the Copper Basin. That’s not much time at all! With the lack of snow and hard trails, I had held back … Read More

Night Run

Last night, Shawn and I went to dinner with my dad and a friend of his in town. It was wonderful! We got home latish, though, which was well enough because temps were great when I hooked up the team. … Read More

12 Happy Friends

I am a person suspicious of love. I always have been, and probably always will be. It’s been almost a year since the teammates of ATAO wiggled their ways into my life, and still there is a part of me … Read More

Anatomy of a Training Run

This post was started in mid December of last year as I was preparing for the TR50, ATAO’s first official race. In that race, we took home the Red Lantern– In other words we came in last! But this is … Read More


Hitch on! We started the weekend with a bang. When I go on hitch is the one time a month that Scott and I see each other and work together, most often (there is sometimes a weekend where I’m off … Read More

Winter’s Hitch Eve

It’s the night before my next hitch. My first hitch, in October, was deceptively un-busy… Or much less busy than I thought i would be. I managed to make it busy, fitting in the many other projects that can fill … Read More

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