Mr. R2

We have some important news about Mr. R2: he’s heading to a life of couchy goodness. I thought I better get that out of the way first off, so no one thought the worst. You probably know that R2 was … Read More

Visitor Labor #worstvacationever

As the weather gets a little colder, finally, the list of Things to Do grows longer. What perfect timing, then, for our great friend Arthur to show up!!! I have decided to hashtag Arthur’s visit with the moniker “worst vacation … Read More

After the Races

I’ve been listening to Radical Face a lot lately. I haven’t been writing a lot. Sorry about that. Lots of things have been going on, and not a lot of time to describe them. Although, that’s not really the reason … Read More

Visitors, and Hitches

  On Wednesday, my college roommate from ten years ago arrived in Alaska, and jumped with both feet into several days of mushing. I met her at the Willow Community Center (which I kept forgetting to tell her is where … Read More