Coming Soon: DRESS A DOG DAY (and other fun stuff) with ATAO Kennel!

This spring and summer, we’re bringing you a few fun ATAO programs. Here’s a list of what’s coming up!


  1. Dress a Dog Day!

    • Each month we’ll feature a different dog. The first month will be Mad Max!
    • Submit a suggestion about how to Dress a Dog this month- the suggestion period will open next Tuesday the 24th! We’ll post the suggestion form then, and link it to our social media!
    • Your suggestions will be posted on a poll on the ATAO blog.
    • Vote for the best Dress a Dog suggestion this month on May 1.
    • We will turn the winning suggestion into a costume (project runway style??) and DRESS A DOG!
    • We’ll film our adorable friend wearing the costume you pick out.
    • To keep up to date on Dress a Dog Day, subscribe to the ATAO blog!
  2. TWOSday with Shawn and Will

    • Every Tuesday, we’ll release another silly video with your hosts, Shawn and Will, updating you about ATAO kennel life and other adventures! Here’s our very first update!
  3. Ask a Musher Monday

    • Do you have something you’ve always wondered about mushing? Submit your question here! Every week I’ll pick a question to answer, with the help of the ATAO athletes! See if your question gets onto our first episode this coming Monday!

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