Does anyone want this update?

Hello this is Shawn entering your email or social media feed, idk. I think Will had so many eloquent things to say when he came out with his ADHD diagnosis. Generally he’s a good writer and has a lot to say. Regrettably I am not so. 

Last year while I was managing some serious health issues including having an unexpected surgery, I was also seeking more answers through my mental health services and supports. I wanted to understand better my ‘oddities’ and communication struggles. 

Long story short I ended up attending several screening and testing appointments, and was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Something I knew I was consenting to screening and testing for, but somehow didn’t actually expect to be diagnosed with. 

I’m just quirky, a little weird, and VERY particular! Perhaps those things are also true.

I want to be more open about my ASD diagnosis, and less secretive about it. It’s hard to keep track of who knows, who doesn’t know, where and when I can say what. 

I’m Shawn, I have Autism. Some special interests and things I like:

Lichens and bryophytes

Crocheting tiny hats

Senior rescue pets

Silly dancing

Advocating for youths involved with the legal system

Okay bye

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