Facebook, Copper Basin, and other Odds and Ends

Yesterday, Scott and I made it into the Northern Lights 300. I’m in slot #18, and he’s in #21. I was a little nervous about making it into the mid distance races this year, because last year they filled up within minutes of opening. Copper Basin sign ups are tomorrow, and maybe it will be the same. I’m hoping my mad tech skills will give me an upper hand… Most likely they will somehow bite me in the butt. I’ll probably overthink some aspect of my network connection, and delete my entry… Well, we’ll see.


Today I re-opened my Facebook account. I had disabled it on my birthday (a whole MONTH ago!), with full intentions of staying well enough away. Of course I exited with much hoopla, making big proclamations about my newfound zen desire to Facebook no more. Yeah, well. Here’s the thing– the quickest way for me to share info about races, about this awesome crazy adventure I’m embarking on, is, indeed, ye olde book of Faces. Also, it’s the quickest way to find out info about the various races… (Can you tell I feel marginally conflicted about this falling off the wagon? Well, I’ll survive.)


Anyway, I did re-open my account, and I created the ATAO Facebook page. (Visit! Like! Share! Follow!) So, I will dutifully update all the venues, when I discover if we made it into the Copper Basin.


Fall Training

Many kennels begin training September 1. Heck, in Fairbanks they have been on sleds in September! We’ll start in earnest at Red Dog Racing next week doing four wheeler runs. It’s been a lot cooler here than last fall– we even had a little snow earlier this week. It’s supposed to continue raining like a banshee for a while again, but that’s Alaska in the fall. It’s better than the dust-ridden dry runs we were doing at this time last year.



I’ve been getting things in gear to begin my crazy schedule. I’ve always thought I’d like hitches– the gypsy part of me just wants to keep moving, so I feel like that kind of satisfies that urge. We’ll see what I’m saying about it in a month or two.


I’ll admit this isn’t the most robust of blog posts– not up to my usual long-winded standards. The point is, it’s alive! The site. The Facebook page. The Instagram page! The Twitter account. All the things. If you are in need of something more writer-ly to chew on, here is a post I wrote last year (or was it the year before???) about the Copper Basin 300.