Whew what a year. We are not running Iditarod in 2022, but most of the same costs still apply-- And for our goal of running Iditarod in 2023, we'll need these same things (and some of them in repeat form). All of the generosity given to us so far has made the difference in us going Onward... You can still help us carry on if you are able. And if you don't, that's okay-- We hope you get love and some vicarious dog joy from our social media, and we also hope you sign up (for free!) to be a Buddy to three of your favorite ATAO friends. Onward is tricky sometimes, but we still do it. ONWARD!

This year, we thought we'd give you a different way to support the kennel-- By donating to specific projects that mean the most to you, and by allowing you to keep up with the status of those projects. Making it to Iditarod is a huge venture, and it takes a lot of moving parts. Each project has a need-by date, and each project will have a concrete result. Find the projects that you care about and add your support.

Project Updates!

Thanks to all the folks who have pitched in! Here’s what we’ve checked off the lists (and what we have had to put on hold):

  • Willow300 • After looking at the calendar and race goals, we opted for Sam to sign up for the YQ200 this year as her final qualifier
  • Puppy shots • Thanks to your donations, these are all acquired and the pups will be up to date soon!
  • Gravel • With an unexpected early snow, we were forced to put our gravel order on hold. The money donated already will go towards that cost this spring
  • Bobcat • We were able to do some work around the property thanks to your help! We used part of these fund to purchase sand to fill the puppy pen
  • Four wheeler • We purchased a used four wheeler. It needs some TLC but once it’s up and at ’em, we’ll have two teams on the trail at once, which is a huge boon for us in time
  • Harnesses • Thanks to you, we were able to get the Dream Pups (aka VERY LORGE DOGS) some new and properly sized harnesses. We also got some “half harnesses” to try out for the team
  • Gangline stuff • Thanks to your help we were able to get the supplies for new gangline. We’ll be working on putting it all together!
  • Spot tracker subscription • Paid for by one very generous donor. Thank you! This is a big weight off our chest, to be able to keep track of teams out on the trail