How to Follow the CB300

It’s only TEN days til the Copper Basin! Are you ready? The race starts Saturday, January 12 at 10 am AK time.

We’ll be posting a lot of content leading up to the race, and with the fantastic Human Team, we hope to have you fully covered to follow along with Will and the team.

Here are some of the ways you’ll be able to check out content during the Copper Basin 300 this year!

1. Follow us on Twitter

Sarah, Arthur, and Shawn will all be updating the Twitter feed. If you aren’t already following us there, check us out– We post a LOT of material on Twitter! You can find us @ATAOkennel.

2. Follow us on Facebook

ATAO started out on Facebook, and there’s a lot of great content there as well! And if you want to look back at the world of the yearlings as pups, that’s where to go! We’ll be updating Facebook throughout the race.

3. Follow the Copper Basin 300 on Facebook

The race tends to do most of its social media updating on that platform. Keep up to date with how the race is going there. Often they will post updates about folks into checkpoints, events along the trail, or any other info on Facebook before it goes up on the website.

4. Visit the Copper Basin website

But, on that note, the Copper Basin website provides free live tracking of the race! It is a blast to follow along. You’ll be able to see where the team and I are throughout the course. Check out their detailed trail description and a trail map here: You should see a link at when the time comes that shows the live tracking.

5. Follow us on Patreon ($1+)

Starting at just $1 / month, all patrons get access to some great extra, insider content! You can even join JUST for January to follow the race! That’s $1 well spent. The handling crew will be posting dog portraits in each checkpoint with a little info about how the individual puppers are doing. Different tiers get to view different content; all patrons will have access to the pupper portraits! Plus you’ll get to look back at a ton of great content from the whole season.

6. Follow us on Patreon ($5+)

$5+ patrons get access to some extra info about our handler crew! We’ll be sending our Spot tracker with Todd the Truck and the stalwart handlers, so you can follow THEIR journey! They have a long adventure ahead of them as well. This will be available for Troshynski Tracker patrons + on Patreon! If you want to follow along with the handler crew in real time, you can become a $5 + patron here!

7. Follow us on Patreon ($9+)

For Adventure Advocates + ($9 and up) on Patreon, you get access to the Troshynski Tracker material, the pupper portraits, and live video from checkpoints. Not every checkpoint will have service, so some of these insider vids will not be live, but whenever we have service, we’ll be posting live material to Patreon. Adventure Advocates keep us going down the trail– so they get an up close look at the adventure! Once again, you can make this pledge for only January in order to see this cool stuff, if you want, and then cancel!

Up to and after the race, we’ll be posting a lot here on the ATAO Kennel website. Check back here for all our angst leading up the starting line, and our excitement and relief when we finish up!

Thank you, as always, for all of the support and love you give to ATAO! We couldn’t do it without you. Now let’s go race!


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