Introducing myself – Shawn The-Potato Goggins

One week! In one week we will be traveling towards Two Rivers, AK. I will be traveling towards a world I have never seen before. My journey will be evenly paced with a certain transition to this new enchantment. The plans for this journey have been in flux for months; cat/no cat, drive/fly, this/that. A new change has been graciously offered to me. A car! I will have my own car. On one hand, that is an amazing gift to be given by my family for security and safety. On the other hand, I will be missing the fanfare of driving with my partner, Will. As we drive through Canada we can’t be on the phone. So it will be an odd journey in lone silence across this unseen landscape.

For now it is time for some last goodbyes. To my family and dear friends in the midwest. I have always lived within 300 miles from Milwaukee, WI. Rolling hills, corn fields, Maple/Oak forests, high-rise city, and family. Without these things near, what will I do? Hopefully thrive with my partner, puppies, mountains, boreal forests, tundra, and bears!! Bears?! Oooooh boy. Okay. Let’s do it.