Wowee, I sure do hate asking for things. I hate asking for help, I hate admitting I need things, and I especially, especially hate asking for money. Money sucks! And it’s also, they say, a bit essential to make anything … Read More

Episode 6: Sleep

Sometimes part of the journey is napping along the way. Transcript coming soon Listen on Apple Podcasts • Plain transcript coming soon Buddies receive email updates about their favorite dogs, and up-to-date info about races and events. Check out the … Read More


So they tell me I ran Iditarod. It didn’t really feel like it. None of the parts of Iditarod I was already familiar with were there. Not the sign up picnic; not the ceremonial start. Not the crowds at the … Read More

Episode 5: The Zone

Will and the team encounter two new notorious Iditarod obstacles: the Dalzell Gorge and the Farewell Burn. (Transcript coming soon.) Listen on Apple Podcasts • View Plain Transcript (Coming Soon) Buddies receive email updates about their favorite dogs, and up-to-date … Read More

Episode 4: The Steps

Will and the team are fresh off their rest at Finger Lake, and are ready to tackle the Happy River Steps, one of the major obstacles of the race. Listen on Apple Podcasts • View Plain Transcript Buddies receive email … Read More

Episode 3: Finger Lake

Will shares some stories of the journey from his first run to Finger Lake, and then records audio in the checkpoint itself. Runaway dogs, exciting trail snacks, and inexplicable gatorade-flavored meals. Listen on Apple Podcasts • View Plain Transcript Check … Read More

Episode 2: Trail!

The race begins! Will talks to us about the oddity of finally being on the Iditarod. The team is passed… A few times! The phone is put into a precarious position. Listen on Apple Podcasts • View Plain Text Transcript … Read More

Episode 1: Is This Recording?

In which Will explains mushing, his journey to Iditarod, and why the audio of the first recording on the trail is so bad. Also in which you learn which dogs will join the team on their first ever Iditarod. On … Read More


In the summer of the year 2000, I sat nervously in the passenger seat of Martin Buser’s dog truck. The boxes in the back were new, and my brother and Martin’s two sons wanted to ride in the boxes. Test … Read More

Mo and Oli Take a Walk

Over the last twelve days, I’ve been panic-building a sled. Why now? You may ask. Well, better now than never! The sled I’ve been driving for the past four years and literal thousands of miles is at the end of … Read More

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