Episode 1: Is This Recording?

In which Will explains mushing, his journey to Iditarod, and why the audio of the first recording on the trail is so bad. Also in which you learn which dogs will join the team on their first ever Iditarod. On … Read More


In the summer of the year 2000, I sat nervously in the passenger seat of Martin Buser’s dog truck. The boxes in the back were new, and my brother and Martin’s two sons wanted to ride in the boxes. Test … Read More

Mo and Oli Take a Walk

Over the last twelve days, I’ve been panic-building a sled. Why now? You may ask. Well, better now than never! The sled I’ve been driving for the past four years and literal thousands of miles is at the end of … Read More

Quest Detour

It’s been a wild year. In more ways than one. Here at ATAO it’s been a year of culminations- and we’re almost to the highest peak of all. Iditarod is around the corner like- REALLY around the corner. We’re in … Read More

Copper Basin 2021 Race Recap

Somehow, Christmas passed, 2020 passed, and January was upon us. I did not feel ready, but in this training season, I had come to accept that I would never actually feel ready for much of anything. Shawn, Sam, and I … Read More

Here We Go

It’s a quarter to nine; the sun won’t be up for a while still. A couple hours? Maybe just one? Mushing sometimes means losing all sense of time– Especially up here, at this time of year, where the light is … Read More

Winter, Sam, and RACING!

It’s always a wild ride here at ATAO– now is far from the exception. If anything it’s the rule. Does that make sense? I think it does. I’ve been up late prepping for something exciting… The very first RACE of … Read More

Autumn, Onward, and ADHD

This morning, the thermostat clocked in at a balmy 5 degrees Fahrenheit here at ATAO. The dogs are nestled into their straw beds, dreaming of breakfast and running and bones with the marrow still on, and other important things. The … Read More

Mr. R2

We have some important news about Mr. R2: he’s heading to a life of couchy goodness. I thought I better get that out of the way first off, so no one thought the worst. You probably know that R2 was … Read More

Training Begins Now

At the beginning of Iron Will (the only mushing movie I can really get behind) Will (good name!) has told his family that he wants- needs- to run the 500 mile dog derby from Winnipeg to St. Paul in order … Read More

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