Our beloved large friend, Mo the mastiff, was diagnosed with an aggressive bone cancer. We’re looking at a couple options: a gentle type of chemo that is supposed to give both more time and particularly should ease his pain (with minimal associated nausea and other ickiness), and/or amputation of the leg where the tumor is.
The chemo infusions cost $600/ea and will need to occur every three weeks.

The amputation would likely need to occur ASAP if we do go that route. We don’t yet have an estimate on that, but will post it here when we do. We want to minimize his general pain and trauma so this is a hard choice.

We’ve estimated the cost for three infusions, to meet the vets’ estimates of extended time of 9 weeks, the cost to be able to let Mo go here at ATAO when the time comes, and the cost to be able to cremate him and preserve his ashes. If the estimation of what this guy needs changes, we’ll update that info here.

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