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Quad Potat Forever

Yesterday, our little loves Tater and Kevin moved to their new (forever) home at Frozen Trident Kennel.

Their new humans Jeff and Jeri are awesome folks, and are so excited to welcome these pups into the fold. Below are some pics of the last big hang out with the pups, and Tater and Kev in their new home. Oh-- They got new names too. Tater is "Goose" and Kevin is "Maverick." To us, of course, they will always be Tater and Kevin... But there is a lot of great adventure for them ahead.

...All the same, we can't help but be sad to say goodbye. These nuggets have been such a huge part of our lives for two months. I know they will be happy and dearly loved-- and you can and should watch them grow by following Frozen Trident Kennel on Instagram-- but nevertheless Shawn and I did shed a few tears.

For some reason this song is stuck in my head as I think of our diverging roads. It's from a great band I used to love in college, called Cloud Cult. Here are the lyrics to Story of the Grandson of Jesus 

Today is a good day to flex the muscles of the weary (a miracle is a miracle, even when it’s ordinary). 
We will walk on the water even though it seems scary, if someone will show us the way… 

I shook hands with a man who honestly thinks he’s the grandson of Jesus with a penchant for pinchies. 
He served us Communion of cola and Twinkies. I guess everyone has their own view. 

He stood on his soapbox and told us a parable of a man with eye-glasses so small they’re unwearable. 
And the moral of the story is that it all looks terrible, depending on what you look through. 

He said, “Do unto yourself as you do unto your neighbor; it’s not an eye for an eye, it’s a favor for a favor, and it’s okay if this world had a billion saviors, cuz there are so many things to be saved.” 

He said, “Take my words with a boulder of salt, or blame it on your devil, it’s always the scape-goat’s fault -- we all point fingers when it comes to a halt. Will somebody show us the way?”

If you Google this song and Cloud Cult you can listen to it on their site (if I include the link this'll get real spammy and you won't see your puppies!).

But that's enough rambling for now, here's what you came for-- the puppies!
The Last Great Puppy Gathering
Kevin shows off his spotted paw and snuggles close
Tater is an excellent selfie buddy
Together they are a pretty dynamic duo
Here's the last picture I took of Kevin
Here's the last picture I took of Tater
Here are some pictures from Frozen Trident Kennel as the pups settle in!
Okay-- as you can see, the pups are doing pretty great at their new place at FTK. Those are happy pups!
Meanwhile, how are Mungry and Lincoln???
Let's ask Mungry. He says, yeah, pretty good
Okay Lincoln, what do you think?
Link says: I am yay!
They are getting some extra human time
Which they are cool with
Also extra time with grandma and all the other dogs
It's hard to believe these lil nuggets were true potatoes not long ago. We are so lucky to have gotten to go this far with Tater and Kevin, and look forward to seeing how they bloom at our brother kennel. Meanwhile, Mungry, Lincoln, and the rest of the ATAO gang have a lot of Onward to get to.

And hey! It's the beginning of the week.
Time to all go Onward together.
Ready? Let's go!
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