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Incorrigible Rogue
Rogue is, we've always maintained, the most aptly named of all of our pups. And we mean that in the best of ways. You probably remember that as a youngin, she jumped the fence and had a trash party at our first Two Rivers property. Or that she is a perpetual goof, trouble maker, and total sweetie. And I'm sure you recall how awesome she did in her first mushing season. Just in case, here's a run down of her yearling year:

Rogue has a lot of personality. That was apparent from day one. This personality translates into some great sled dog energy... And also some annoying sled dog energy (at least according to her neighbors!).

Rogue definitely has potential to lead like her sisters Rey and Rebel, but she didn't try a whole lot of it in her first year because she wasn't quiiiiite ready yet. When we are running, all of her personality and energy translate into great forward motion... But anytime we are stopped it goes in twenty different directions!

Before we take off on a run, Rogue has a habit of jumping over her neighbor. In fact, she does this so exuberantly that on occasion she'll end up tangled in her neighbor's harness. This can cause all kinds of fun... Like on the run where I stopped 100 feet out of the gate to untangle her and the team "popped the hook" (aka dislodged the snow anchor) and left me in the dust. That was TOO much of an adventure!

When we stop during runs, if Rogue doesn't have a neckline (the thin cord connecting her collar to the mainline) she will turn around and ALSO get tangled. She loves to get tangled! This is only usually a problem in one situation-- if she's in lead! All of the lead dogs learn to "line out" -- AKA face forward and keep the line taut while we are stopped. Rogue is just too excited about life and interested in all the many things in many different directions to *just* face forward. So her few attempts in lead resulted in some tangles! This type of wild exuberance will most likely temper as she matures, and I'm sure she'll not only get the chance to lead again, but will probably be pretty great. Some leaders are "late bloomers," and with Rogue's smarts and enthusiasm, I totally see this being her.

Off leash, Rogue loves to play with toys, chase her sisters, and hang out on the couch. In classic high-energy style, she tends to enjoy the couch for about 30 seconds before she has to jump off and run around some more.

Rogue is a great eater but a restless sleeper. She did a great job learning this on our big race (the Copper Basin 300) last year though. Overall, Rogue proved herself to be invaluable in her team position. She works hard, full of joy to translate all that frenetic energy into forward momentum, and she adds to the team's overall sense of happy adventure.

I can't wait to see the all-star this little girl becomes once she learns to channel all of her joy and bounciness. She's already a great asset to the team, and I know she'll become one of the key players as we go onward.
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