Ophelia is Pregnant!!!

Ophelia is getting wider by the day!

In case you didn’t know, this spring (during Iditarod time!) we bred Ophelia to a neighboring heckuva leader named Brock. Both Ophelia and Brock are BIG dogs, which means we’ll add some height to our short little team!

Our plan is to split the litter with the owner of Brock, Jeff Reid. He’ll get the males and we’ll keep the females, as we build up our all-female team! But how many dogs will that mean we get here at ATAO? And how many puppies will Ophelia have??? These are important questions, and we are relying on you for the answers. (Well, obviously we are relying on Ophelia for the answers, but she’s not telling!)

Every time Ophelia eats or poops (holy moly those are big poops!), I tell her she’s eating or pooping for *random number*. Usually ridiculous things like, Ophelia you are eating for 24, or Ophelia, you are clearly pooping for 300. WHO CAN SAY???

Perhaps you can! It’s time for you to guess how many pups Ophelia will have!!! This guessing game will be open until May 12 OR until Ophelia starts popping them out, whichever comes first. One guess per person– don’t cheat!!!

Here’s the important info:

Her first “romance” was March 11. If you know about dog gestation, you’ll know that means she should be due *sometime* around May 15. She bred five times with Brock the big handsome dog of Frozen Trident Kennel. This is Ophelia’s first litter.

HOW MANY PUPPIES WILL SHE HAVE??? You can guess! Fill out the form here to submit your answers.

(CLICK HERE if you are reading this by email, to get to the guessing form!)

The Number Guessing Game has ended!

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