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Pick Three Buddies

As part of your Patreon Pledge, you get to pick three Buddies! You'll be listed on your Buddies' profile pages and entered into the monthly Buddy Bonanza drawings for each Buddy, each month that you're a patron.
  • • Pick your three Buddies here!

    • You'll be listed as their Buddy and entered in our monthly drawing for each as long as you continue pledging with us through Patreon!

    • Make sure to only pick three Buddies here! If you pick more than three, we will list you as a Buddy on three random Buddies among the ones you chose. This will slow down the process of getting you officially set up as a Buddy!

    • If you want even more Buddies, you'll see an option to get more at the website flat rate after you complete this form!

  • This is used to connect to your Patreon rewards
  • This is used to connect to Patreon and to contact you if you win a drawing!
  • This is the name we'll put on our site as a Buddy!