Hungry Mungry was born on May 15th of 2019. He and his three siblings were the first puppies ever whelped at ATAO. Their mom, Ophelia, is one of our core dogs, and is the only ATAO daughter of Hooch, the kennel matriarch. It’s really special to have this direct lineage to Hooch.

Hungry Mungry started off life going by “Collar” for the white stripe on his neck. Although I wasn’t sure if he’d be staying with us (two of the pups went to live with their father at Frozen Trident Kennel), I felt attached to Mungry right away. He was full of character, ahead of the curve, and immediately pretty sassy. I liked that a lot. Like all sasses, he is pretty much a scaredy cat at heart. Luckily he’s surrounded by maternal dogs and a helpful musher.

Mungry and I seem to have formed a little bond I never expected. He’ll follow me around and never stays too far away from me when we work in the yard. His happy goofery makes me smile every day.

Mungry has developed a perfect howl already, and will often rev the yard up into several songs throughout the day.

Mungry’s paws are impressive, and I expect he’ll grow to tower over his smaller ATAO teammates.

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