Annie is a 2021 Iditarod Finisher

Annie joined ATAO in 2017 as a three year old. Annie is a perfect fit for the group at ATAO! She is super friendly (a little shy), and very very sweet. She is one of my favorites (shhhhhh). She will jump up into my arms for a snuggle. On the line she is ready to go allllll the time, acting as the group cheerleader from any position. Let’s GO!!! She will bark bark bark to go, and if you dare to stop she will bark bark bark to go again!

With all of that drive, I decided to put Annie up front and she immediately kicked butt as a leader!

Annie’s name was “Candy” when she came to us, but that was a little out of my taste, so we altered it slightly to Annie. The name fit her from the start… she comes a running and will jump up in my arms when called!

In our first official racing year, Annie was the MVP of the kennel. She led the team to a successful finish in single lead in the Copper Basin, charging to go every step of the way. You can read about that adventure here.

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  • Annie The Core Four, 2014
  • Lineage Pit (Seavey M.) X Whisper (Seavey M.)
  • Race History Copper Basin 300, Two Rivers 100, Solstice 50, Iditarod 2021